FastDictionary 2007

FastDictionary 2007

FastDictionary 2007 is a dictionary that lets the user to translate words
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FastDictionary 2007 is a special dictionary that allows the user to search for words and receive its translation without having to abandon the current window when using other programs or applications. It has a total database of more than 165,000 words containing also their translation.

Imagine how fast is this program that it can translate a particular word in less than a second. This feature makes it a great tool for all the users who surf the Internet, or who read texts in a word processor.

The graphic user interface of FastDictionary 2007 is very simple, as it only has to check for a word. If you want to search for a particular word, you just have to highlight the word in a text and copy it to the Windows Clipboard,with a right click of your mouse or with Ctrl+C key combination. Then FastDictionary will pop up its simple GUI and will show you the translation results. It can also find words in plural, past, pronounce it, etc.

One feature that makes FastDictionary 2007 a flexible tool is the capability of always staying on the top like a small bar that can be placed anywhere on the screen with the other open windows. In this program you can easily create your own proper personalized dictionaries, i.e. you can edit the definition and the details of the words.

As of the time of this writing, the developer boasted that it had more than 600,000 users and the reputation of 100% excellent user ratings. You will get a good technical support if you have any doubt or query about the product you are buying.

I have being used this software for some time now and I really love it since it finds words fast and can be placed anywhere on the screen. It doesn’t take time to translate a word, working very fast. Since I read foreign texts on Word and on the Internet, it has helped me to translate or find meanings of a particular word.
Current dictionaries are English-Portuguese-English, English-English, and Spanish-Spanish.

Luis Sanchez
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